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Final Essay - Fasnacht The American Civil War took place...

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Fasnacht The American Civil War took place from 1860 to 1865. The war was between the North and the South, or the Union and the Confederacy. There were many immediate and underlying causes of the American Civil War. One of the major causes of the civil war was slavery. Slaves in the South made up the labor force for the cotton agriculture and were used to help construction, sugar and rice production, domestic services, and manufacturing as well. With the invention of Eli Whitney’s cotton gin, cotton could be grown all over the South. Due to this ‘cotton rush’ (as people moved down to the cotton-growing South similar to the gold rush) 410,000 slaves moved into the area. Slavery was established and regulated by law, and slaves in the South were forbidden to own property, leave their masters’ land without permission, be out after dark, or carry weapons. Slaves also could not learn to read or write or testify against white people in court according to these laws. The slave codes were not strictly followed however, and some slaves did have property and learn to read and write. Much of how slaves were treated depended on their owners. Slavery was a major underlying cause of the American Civil War. Another cause for the war was the two distinct socioeconomic systems and cultures of the South and the North. The South was a slave society for the most part. The majority of the South’s economy was based on agriculture, which meant slaves were a part of the culture as they were used as the labor force in the fields. Men in the South had enormous respect for the concept of honor, most likely to distance themselves from the harsh treatment and disrespect that was so important to the slave system they controlled. The North, on the other hand, was a more industrial region. The North had no need to fool itself with any ideas of honor or being a gentleman like the South did, and the lower, middle, and upper classes of the industrial North differed from the slave society of the South with its plantation owners and yeoman farmers too poor to own slaves. Part of the reason the North and the South were so different was the Missouri Compromise. The Missouri Compromise was passed by the Senate in 1819.
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Final Essay - Fasnacht The American Civil War took place...

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