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HIST 277 March 25

HIST 277 March 25 - Egypt Iran Late Ottoman Period WWI...

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March 25, 2008 Egypt, Iran, Late Ottoman Period, WWI NATIONALISM: -Unifies, psychological factors like motivation, -Dark side of nationalism: over-nationalism which eliminates the ability to have a true discussion and silencing the debate (i.e. support the troops vs. the war) Egypt in early 19 th Century -British occupation -khedival dynasty -National Stirrings -1882 Urabi’s revolt -Nationalist journalism (Mustafa Kamil) -Dinshaway incident 1906 ~Constitututional Reform Party (Islam), favored by scholars ~People’s Party (secular Islam), secular liberal journalist, bureaucrats ~National Party (British out), more radical party for Egypt IRAN: Another Country in Transition -Safavid Persia was a rival to the ottomans and lasted til the early 18 th C -Followed by Turkic-Persian rulers - Qajar dynasty (1794-1925) ~Made the town of Teheran their capital ~ a weak and incompetent dynasty that didn’t last too long EXTERNAL PRESSURES -Russia pushing into Central Asia and the Caucasus with an eye to the Persian Gulf
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