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NES 2-6-08 - Occupation was brief and unhappy but made an...

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NES 2-6-08 EGYPT AT END OF 18 TH CENTURY -Old Mamluks were defacto rulers -Napoleon invaded and occupied for 3 years -British and Ottoman naval forces expel French -Power vacuum filled by a new dynasty GREAT MAN -Napoleon vs. Ali ~idea that their has been great men in the past that had an almost “super human” way of changing history ~changed into the idea that social and cultural factors play a bigger role; what is going on in the economy etc. NAPOLEON SAW AN OPPURTUNITY -Political threat to Britain -Huge commercial wealth possible -He defeated Mamluks, was himself defeated by British Ottoman alliance
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Unformatted text preview: - Occupation was brief and unhappy but made an impression of what technology and administrative technique could hope to accomplish MEHMET ALI (Mohammad Ali)-Albanian Ottoman Officer-By 1805 he establishes himself as someone who can control the military forces and troubled remnants of the Mamluk system, and the local population.-Westernizing Industrial Reforms ~Monopoly agriculture; or switch to cash crop agriculture ~Industrial Investment ~Conscription army ~threatened ottoman heartland ~dislodged by British intervention ~Dynasty down through 1952...
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