sexual stuff - the sex chromosomes XX in females and XY in...

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the sex chromosomes , XX in females and XY in males, determine one’s biological sex . In the early weeks of prenatal development, the gonads , or sex glands, of the male and female fetus are identical. The presence or absence of androgens, or male sex hormones, determines whether an embryo develops male or female genitals, also called the primary sex characteristics. genitals (JEN-uh-tulz) The internal and external reproductive organs of males or females. primary sex characteristics The internal and external reproductive organs; the genitals. secondary sex characteristics The physical characteristics that appear at puberty and are associated with sexual maturity but not directly involved in reproduction. gender (JEN-der) The psychological and sociocultural definition of masculinity or femininity, based on the expected behaviors for males and females. gender roles Cultural expectations about the behaviors appropriate to each gender. gender typing The process by which individuals acquire the traits, behaviors, attitudes, preferences, and interests that the culture considers appropriate for their biological sex. gender identity The sense of being male or female; acquired between ages 2 and 3. gender stability The awareness that gender is a permanent characteristic; acquired between ages 4 and 5. gender constancy The understanding that activities and clothes do not affect gender stability; acquired between ages 6 and 8. Gender schema theory , proposed by Sandra Bem (1981) provides a more complete explanation of genderrole development. Like social learning theory, gender
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schema theory suggests that young children are motivated to pay attention to and behave in ways consistent with the gender-based standards and stereotypes of their culture. parental investment
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sexual stuff - the sex chromosomes XX in females and XY in...

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