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Paper 2 Assignment Spring 2007

Paper 2 Assignment Spring 2007 - Paper 2 Due March 19 in...

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Paper 2: Due March 19 in class Analyzing a Home Cultural Practice For this 3-4 page paper (write 4-6 pages, then cut it down), you will become a cultural psychologist in the culture that surrounds us every day. You could consider this culture to be European-American culture, broadly construed. You could narrow it down to simply “East Coast U.S.” culture, or you could even consider something as narrow as University of Delaware culture. This paper is similar to the last one, in which you changed something about yourself as an individual. But this time, you will be observing cultural practices more accurately—as things that are shared among a group of people in a particular environment. Please use a different example than the one that you wrote about in Paper 1. From now on, you should start observing little cultural practices, rituals, habits, or types of language that people use. Pretend you are a foreigner in your own culture and see what might seem strange to you (examples from previous students include walking with one’s head down, or which toilet one chooses in a public restroom).
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