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Paper 3: Due April 23 Mutual Constitution in Research Shweder (1990) writes about the mutual constitution of culture and psyche—that “culture and psyche make each other up.” Write a 4 to 6 page paper explaining and applying what he means. First, re-read Shweder carefully and explain what he means by “mutual constitution.” Be careful not to plagiarize his language— use your own language. Use an illustrative example if you wish. Then, revisit TWO empirical sources in your course reading list. Describe these sources one at a time, and explain whether the data in the sources you selected support both halves of Shweder’s argument, or not? (Do the data support the culture-shaping- psyche half? Do the data support the psyche-shaping-culture half?) If not, what kind of data would be needed to support it better? End with a comment that can bring the ideas in your essay together. Cite sources in APA style (last name, year of publication). Include a References section in perfect APA
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Unformatted text preview: style. Don’t directly quote—it is the standard in scientific writing to avoid direct quotes. (If you absolutely must quote, then cite the last name, year, and page number, use “”, and pay me $5 per word). Instead—paraphrase the authors. Paraphrasing means put the ideas in your own words—not even close to the authors own words. (For best results, close the book when you paraphrase.) As before, strive to use strong verbs. Cut clutter. Write in the active voice. I will grade your essays on the following criteria: • Correct understanding of course material and articles • Appropriate and thorough application of evidence to argument—do you explain clearly why the evidence matches Shweder’s argument? • Clarity • Mechanics (e.g., citing your sources appropriately and in APA style, including a References section; having a paper that is free of typographical and grammatical errors) • Overall...
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