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Paper 4 Assignment Spring 2007 - There are three key things...

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Paper 4 Assignment Cultural Psychology Spring 2007 Due date: May 16 (no changes) In this paper you should choose a topic from the course that you want to export to an outside audience. At the top of your paper, you need to clearly specify what your audience is. Your paper (3-6 pages) should use at least two sources from this class (no outside sources, please…unless you clear this with me in advance). If your audience is an academic one (e.g., biologists), you should use APA style to cite sources. If your audience is a lay public (e.g., magazine readers), you can use some other style that accurately attributes ideas to their original sources.
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Unformatted text preview: There are three key things to attend to, and which I will attend to in evaluating your paper. 1. Tailor your descriptions, your language, and your tone to your chosen audience 2. Describe the research accurately, intelligently, and in all of its complexity. Don’t over state things. And move beyond the main findings—talk about details a bit. The data are never very simple, so don’t oversimplify. Go back and read stuff again. 3. Do something interesting. Analyze. Connect. Interpret. Apply. Create. Your paper will not just describe and summarize. Work with this stuff and put in your own ideas and work. First person is okay....
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