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cultural psych paper 2 - Jillian Finkelstein Cultural...

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Jillian Finkelstein Cultural Psychology Analyzing a Home Cultural Practice Americans often lie. More commonly, Americans tell white lies. A white lie is a generally harmless false statement made to benefit the speaker or the recipient. Common examples of white lies include telling a pregnant woman that she does not look fat when clearly her stomach is bulging or a man telling a woman who accidentally tripped him that he feels fine when in fact he is in pain. White lies hold the intention of pleasing the communicating parties, but if the recipient of the lie uncovers the truth, major conflict is not a not likely to arise outcome to occur . White lies also include “false compliments, lazy excuses, broken promises,” and false attributes to improve ourselves (Saltzman, 2006). They often confirm what the listener wants to hear rather than the truth that they are well aware of. A pregnant woman usually knows she looks fat but having it confirmed that she looks thin helps her believe that she looks the way she desires to look. Some people prefer to hear lies because they fear the harsh reality of the situation. Though taught to be morally wrong, lying is widespread among Americans because the benefits of telling the lie outweigh the possible negative outcomes. Americans care about having a good reputation. They often change their behavior to make sure they please everyone. My Israeli coworker said that in Israel people speak truthfully even if their opinions will offend others, while in the United States, people lie
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cultural psych paper 2 - Jillian Finkelstein Cultural...

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