Brain and behavior essay questions

Brain and behavior essay questions - 1. Briefly describe...

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1. Briefly describe the anatomical relationship (origin & course) between spinal segments and somatic dermatomes as it pertains to the following functional organization: a&b) voluntary control of movement (of right hand & left foot), c&d) conscious appreciation of touch (of left hand & right buttocks), and e) this spinal reflex (right leg to sharp pain in foot). 15pts. 2. Draw a cross-section of the cervical spinal cord and illustrate a) the functional organization of the gray matter (AH & PH), and b) how the four functional components of a typical mixed spinal nerve connect to the gray matter on the right side. 16pts. 3. Characterize the neurological consequences ( symptoms ) that result from the four lesions shaded into the four cross-sections of the spinal cord drawn below (drawings TBA). 16pts. 4. Described below are the symptoms in four patients with spinal injury (a-c, TBA): Identify the precise location of their spinal lesion (segmental level in the spinal cord, side, area involved: AH, PH, WM) based on those symptoms. 16pts. Describe the appearance of the brain and the terms used to indicate directions and planes of  section.  Describe the blood supply to the brain, the meninges, the ventricular system, and flow of 
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Brain and behavior essay questions - 1. Briefly describe...

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