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The thrill of a good ad.

The thrill of a good ad. - Folts 1 Derek Folts Clar 110-06...

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Folts 1 Derek Folts Clar 110-06 Ms. Kara Manning 11/08/2007 The Thrill of a Successful Ad! When looking to have a good advertisement one must be able to intrigue the reader and make them interested in what is being advertised. Once the reader is interested the advertiser must explain how and why their product is better than the competition. Titleist, a well-known golf equipment company, presents an ad in Sports Illustrated in order to reach a certain audience. The main goal of this ad is to generate the most talk about and purchasing of their products. Titleist has one of the best ads in all of Sports Illustrated ; this is because it uses many appeal factors all in one page of information. When looking at a target audience you must look at the audience that reads the magazine. Men, this is the main audience who reads SI, more definitively, men between the ages of 15-60. So when looking at this ad I see that it appeals to middle aged men because that’s what he is. The ad has a few different attributes that are geared towards generating talk and revenue and I feel it does a great job of that. When looking at this ad one sees three very strong images. The first image you see is the success. I feel like the title is very important to the ad. The title reads, “The Thrill of victory. (Titleist)” I feel this is a powerful title because it appeals strongly to pathos. What is the one thing people want most out of a sport? Victory, of course, no man plays a sport to lose or tie, it’s all about winning. After reading this title it kind of sparks something inside me to where I want to go out and win because being a guy means I want
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Folts 2 to be successful more than anything else in a sport. This is why I think this invokes
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