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Esperito 1. “Femininity” 2. 3. Are these gender identities as oppositional as authors suggest? Femininization of migratory flow o Used to be whole families or male then followed by women migrating Now it’s 50% women o In some countries 70-80% of women leave their homes for jobs o Change in global demand for labor o Growth in paid domestic labor in the United States o Very important in change in gender relations in the United States o More women with jobs = more divorce o Makes gender identity more fluid Women become bread winners o In 2004 $112 billion sent back home (remittance) from migrant workers o If women sends remittance back, more likely to go to daughters education than if man sends remittance
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Unformatted text preview: Changes gender norms in own family • “Mothering” ≠ “mothering arrangements” o One is the emotional and psychological relationship with the children o The other refers to who is doing the daily routine of the mother • “American” Norms Class? o Class and ethnic differences o Americans are very mobile o Economically mobile o Employment has become national o Criticism of women who spend to much time at the office Espirito • Gender independence v. Patriarchy o Filipinos preserving culture and ethnicity o Women are the “holders of tradition” o Fathers police family roles Create gender norms o • White 2245 “American” o BUT • American ≠ White o She generalizes that it’s just whites...
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