ICAM 40 Syllabus

ICAM 40 Syllabus - VIS/ICAM 40 Introduction to computing in...

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VIS/ICAM 40 Introduction to computing in the arts Winter 2K8, visual arts department, UCSD Lecturer: Brett Stalbaum Brett's main point of contact for VIS/ICAM 40 business: WebCT mail (webct.ucsd.edu) General point of contact is my email: [email protected] (I do not want any ICAM/VIS 40 *email* from you unless there is a problem with *WebCT mail* .) Lecture: T 5:00p - 6:50p CSB 002 Final Exam: March 20th 2008, 7-10PM Computer Lab: APM B349 (see sections for times) Discussions: Mandeville 103 (see sections for times) The VA/ICAM 40 WebCT URL: http://webct.ucsd.edu Office and hours: Wednesday, Man 221, 2-3PM ICAM/VIS40 office hour You should also know about: 1-2PM ICAM/Media with computing emphasis faculty advising - I am your faculty advisor for issues relating to these majors. I love to see students during office hours - please stop in with your questions, comments, wild ideas. TA office hours are separate from mine. You TA will post their schedule. Teaching Assistants: Kael Greco, James Enos, and Somebody. TA office hours, contact information, and calendars will be announced in section and posted to WebCT. The TAs in this course should be your first point of contact for questions regarding your progress. Note that your grades can be reviewed in WebCT under "my grades" - please let me know if you are having any problem viewing your grades. Sections Sections are complicated in this class. First, you are required to attend lecture, discussion sections, and lab sections. You will have the same TA for discussion and labs. All discussion sections are in TA TA James Enos Sections: ICAM 613162, 613163 , VIS 613212 , 613213 Discussion: Friday 9-10:50 Lab: Tuesday 11-12:50 , 1-2:50 Sections: ICAM 613164, 613165 , VIS 613214 , 613215 Discussion: Friday 11-12:50 Lab: Wednesday 11-12:50 , 1-2:50 Sections: ICAM 613166, 613167 , VIS 613216 , 613217 Discussion: Friday 1-2:50 Lab: Thursday 1-2:50 , 3-4:50
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NOTE: Sections and Labs do *not* meet during finals week. Sections and Labs do meet week 1. Final Exam: Our final exam is Thursday March 20th 7–10 p.m. Required Readings (3 texts++) The New Media Reader , Ed. Noah Wardrip-Fruin and Nick Montfort, MIT Press 2003 New Media Art ,Tribe, Mark / Jana, Reena, Taschen Basic Art Series ISBN 3-8228-3041-0 HTML: A Beginner's Guide, Third Edition , Willard, Wendy, McGraw-Hill/Osborne Media, ISBN: 9780072263787 There will be a number of additional required readings available on the web (tba), as well as required viewing of network based artworks. Some materials are located on the CD that comes with The New Media Reader . Yet more required reading: Students are required to read WebCT mail and discussion postings regularly, and to be responsible for readings and assignments posted on TA calendars, postings, and mail. Failure to do so will impact your grade. TAs may assign additional readings, and may require additional technical texts of their own choosing. Please see your TA for any additional
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ICAM 40 Syllabus - VIS/ICAM 40 Introduction to computing in...

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