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DOC 2 Rawls How to cooperate w/ diversity? People have o Wants o Comprehensive doctrines Set of beliefs about the right way to live Everyone has a comprehensive doctrine There will always be people with unreasonable comprehensive doctrines We need a just social contract o Government is just if the citizens would freely choose it from anarchy o Derive their just powers from consent of the governed We create that form original position/ veil of ignorance o Original position – parties are not allowed to know the social position in which they represent Two principles of justice o Equal rights
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Unformatted text preview: Fair equality and opportunity o Difference principles Rawls rejects communitarian argument Our society is not a community Not even an association A state/nation is neither of those Dont freely choose, born into citizenship Born into comprehensive doctrine Born into obligation to have a particular moral aim Only aim of society is to protect the aims of its members Founders didnt try to put themselves into original position Should the members of the Supreme Court put themselves in the original postion?...
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