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1/23/08 - Fair equality and opportunity o Difference...

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DOC 2 Rawls How to cooperate w/ diversity? People have o Wants o Comprehensive doctrines Set of beliefs about the right way to live Everyone has a comprehensive doctrine There will always be people with unreasonable comprehensive doctrines We need a just social contract o Government is just if the citizens would freely choose it from anarchy o Derive their just powers from consent of the governed We create that form original position/ veil of ignorance o Original position – parties are not allowed to know the social position in which they represent Two principles of justice o Equal rights
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Unformatted text preview: Fair equality and opportunity o Difference principles • Rawls rejects communitarian argument • Our society is not a community • Not even an association • A state/nation is neither of those • Don’t freely choose, born into citizenship • Born into comprehensive doctrine • Born into obligation to have a particular moral aim • Only aim of society is to protect the aims of it’s members • Founders didn’t try to put themselves into original position • Should the members of the Supreme Court put themselves in the original postion? •...
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