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DOC 2 – 1/11/08 Federalist Paper #78 o Hamilton (A.K.A. “Publius”) o Counterargument to Yates (A.K.A. “Brutus”) 1. Judiciary speaks for the people 2. Prevents fads 3. Protects against factions Federalist Papers published under pen-name (“Publius”) F.P. masters of counterargument Judges are not supposed to be political positions Yates wrote under the name “Brutus” o Had problem with the judges being appointed for life o You can recall elected officials Judiciary also speaks for the people Judiciary is protects people from temporary fads Judiciary protects constitution
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Unformatted text preview: o Constitution is clearest expression of contract What if people interpret constitution differently than judges? o Hamilton 1. We have the power to change the constitution by amending laws 2. But we shouldnt change it every time the people are unhappy 3. Judges are there to keep long-term focus Sometimes we need to have our short-term interests checked by the judges It is the job of the court to control factions Factions o A group of people with interests that will impede on other citizens rights Court can prevent factions...
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