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07 DOC Lecture

07 DOC Lecture - Homosexuality Wasn't an identity till the...

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Homosexuality Wasn’t an identity till the late 19 th century All restrictions on homosexuality were for men, not women Glorification of male beauty and male body Women weren’t serious sexual partners so it wasn’t seen as odd when two women were together Sin of un-procreative sex o “Spilling of the seed” Women are passive o They are not serious o Not objects of erotic desire o Uncreative French decriminalizes sodomy in 1791 o Wasn’t unusual for gay royalty o Pioneered change in social attitude o Decriminalized homosexuality Only one town (New Haven, Connecticut) had restriction on lesbian sex It was not an identity o You could repent and it would go away as a social issue Michel Foucault o Dates homosexuality to 1870 Rise in distinction between normal and abnormal sex Rise of science and rise of medicine Insane asylums created Things begin to get medicalized
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