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07 DOC Lecture - o Impurities Language Religion Accents o...

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1. Religion as a “good in itself” Public face of religion might be determined from outside In it’s origin religion serves no social purposed Religions change internally, may be consequence of pressure from outside Religion is not fluid like gender or other kinds of identity 2. Nativism/assimilation/pluralism Horace Kallen – pluralism o Requirement of assimilation is undemocratic o Metaphor of symphony orchestra Scripted, planned Allowed for differences Didn’t allow for unplanned innovation o Metaphor of jazz ensemble Allows improvisation Have to be engaged Driven by interaction, not resolution, not assimilation Nativism- exclude everyone not of the native stock Religious assimilation Pluralism o Melting pot used to be Smelting pot o Smelting pot takes away impurities
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Unformatted text preview: o Impurities Language Religion Accents o Smelting pot was a bad metaphor o Salad bowl metaphor is too stagnant 3. Bloom does pluralism = relativism Pluralism shouldnt be tolerance 4. Eck- pluralism as engagement relativism Real respect involves engagement 5. John Courtney Murry American consensus needs to be constantly argued 6. Religion as private Institutions on the public square Gay clergy o Churches get to ban gay clergy because its their own doctrine Bob Jones University o Didnt allow interracial dating or dorm rooms o Doesnt get public funding Its spiritual concerns are its own Religion is different from other kinds of identity 7. Bloom & Hall...
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07 DOC Lecture - o Impurities Language Religion Accents o...

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