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Body Image Randy Newman “Short People” McLeod Body image become important to men when women decided to go out into the workforce and become bread winners “Keep up with the Jones’s” Pressure for men to become bread winners Post-WWII children got extended childhood o Didn’t have to get a job at 15 Women got tired of staying at home Women became necessary partner in higher life-style Redefinition of Masculinity o If he’s not the bread winner, then what is he? o Became subject to same standard as women (fashion) Refashion patriarchy Press to exclude traits that would conclude that they are like women or gay
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Unformatted text preview: • Competitiveness- everyone becomes an athlete • Hyper-masculine • Surgery to correct flaws of nature- always want what you don’t have • Trying to stop aging Wann • Where do definitions of normal weight come from? • Mortality rates are not right • Medicalization of body image • If you medicalize something it makes it our fault • Medicalized = depersonalized • Double standard of weight for women • “Norm” is the male body • Women experience heart attacks differently than men • Most heart studies done on men •...
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