Week 7 and 9 Study Guide

Week 7 and 9 Study Guide - Equal Protection Gender Craig v...

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Equal Protection/ Gender Craig v. Boren (1976) Jus tertii- third party coming into the court case to take a stand for either side Significance: Whitner, a woman who sells liquor, takes the side of Craig, claiming that the prohibition of males under 21 not being able to buy beer affects her because it lowers her revenue. The Court decided that her stand is irrelevant to the case, so she was not recognized or taken into consideration when deciding the case. 21 st Amendment—repealed the 18 th Amendment on the prohibition of alcohol. Intermediate Scrutiny- gender inclusive in determining cases; first established by Justice Brennan in this case and held that statutory or administrative sex classifications had to be subjected to an intermediate standard of judicial review; gender-related cases are not as narrowly tailored and put to the highest level test, yet are still more significant than the lowest level of cases (rational basis test cases) Webb-Kenyon and Wilson Acts-expressed the Framers’ intention of including the Commerce Clause in the Constitution with the consideration that without this, the Federal Government would be the one to regulate all interstate trade Commerce Clause—the power of the state governments to regulate trade across their boarder, in this case, the trade of alcohol beverages. Precedents:
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Week 7 and 9 Study Guide - Equal Protection Gender Craig v...

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