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NAME/SECTION/TIME CHEM 13 QUIZ 3 1. What two basic sugars is table sugar or sucrose composed of? (3 pts) 2. ATP deactivates phosphofructokinase: True or False (circle) (2 pts) 3. _______________________________ is the creation of new glucose molecules. (3 pts) 4. Starch is a polymer of ____________________________________ (3 pts) 5. Does the Beta 1
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Unformatted text preview: Æ 4 linkage point UP or DOWN relative to carbon 6 in a sugar dissacharide. (circle) (2 pts) 6. _______________________ is another name for a sugar that contains only 5 carbons. (3 pts) 7. In aqueous solution, which conformation is glucose in? OPEN or CLOSED (circle) (2 pts) 8. Draw a chiral molecule and its respective enantiomer. (7 pts)...
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