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07 - social norms or what is good o Vector 2 = those who...

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DOC Final Review Hacking & Hall – social theory from the reading o Is it static is it fluid? o How does social construction operates? o Extract your own theory o Theory of Social Construction Race – serves no other purpose but to make distinctions about people Religion- differences are internal to a religion Gender Make distinctions about different kinds of identity Second essay is on Pluralism o Pull out what Eck and Yoshino have to say on the nature of pluralism o What does it require to make it open and vibrant and inclusive o Why do both link their ideas back to what MLK said in Letter from Birmingham Jail Key Terms o What terms mean? o Context in what you might find them? What debate would they be applied to? o What does it help you understand? Possessive Investment o Literal sense o Psychological or virtual sense Idea of not partaking in discrimination Whites = transparent Hacking’s 2 vectors o Vector 1 = community of experts People who are in position of defining or affecting cultural or
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Unformatted text preview: social norms or what is good o Vector 2 = those who push against the power of vector 1 Those who resist the scripting of their identities so that it changes society over time • Hacking’s Dynamic Nominalism o Realist Naming comes from nature It matters socially that women birth children and not men It is a natural distinction Organic distinction This idea is bad/wrong • Homosexuality isn’t an identity till the 1800’s • But people were having homosexual sex for centuries o Nominalist Attach meaning to differences Once you name it is fixed, it is static Resistant to change o Dynamic Nominalist Working back and forth between established social norms and pressure to redefine social norms Understands that naming is an ongoing process Names may not change, but meaning will change...
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