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QUIZ #2 (ONE WORD ANSWERS ARE PREFERRED) Name/ID/Section:_________________________________________________________ 1. Name 2 types of co-factors. (4 pts) 2. What are the two systems that regulate body chemistry? (4 pts) 3. The “master gland” is the______________________________. (3 pts) 5. MATCHING with enzyme categories! (5 pts) ______Lyase A. attaches a functional group ______Hydrolase B. alcohol dehydrogenase ______Isomerase
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Unformatted text preview: C. create additional covalent bonds ______Oxido/Reductase D. breaks chemical bonds ______Transferase E. rearranges atoms 6. Which one covalently adds a phosphate group? (Circle) Kinase or Phosphotase? (2 pts) 7. List the four fat-soluble vitamins (letter only is fine). (4 pts) 8. What class of proteins catalyze chemical reactions by lowering the activation energy? (3 pts) (hint: the answer is NOT catalyst)...
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