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DOC 2 3/14/08 Final Exam Loving v. Virginia Stare Decisis From the Latin for “let the decision stand” this means that legal precedents established in earlier cases should govern similar later cases Justice O’Connor argues for the importance of this principle in Planned Parenthood v. Casey, except in rare cases of practical unworkability or changes in fact, because “liberty finds no refuge in a jurisprudence of doubt” What this quotation means is that people need stability to be secure in their
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Unformatted text preview: rights, because they build their lives around their expectations of the law strict scrutiny – korematsu case Incorporation Debate • Palko, wainwright Narrowly Tailored Tangible and Intangible factors • Race has to be considered with other intangible factors • Must be considered holistically • Factors would never actually be the same Mini domas...
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  • Planned Parenthood v. Casey, intangible factors, Justice O'Connor, Narrowly Tailored Tangible, Final Exam Loving, Virginia Stare Decisis

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