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DOC2 Final Review - • Rehnquist – rational basis • Do...

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DOC 2 – 2/25/08 Goesaert v. Cleary (1948) – Rational Bias Reed v. Reed (1971) – Rational Bias Arbitrary choice is violation of equal protection Frontiero v. Richardson (1973) Brennan – strict scrutiny o Strict scrutiny should be applied because sex goes with race/religion Stewart – rational basis Powell – ERA (equal rights amendment) o Rights should not be abridged on the basis of sex o Sex is not the basis for denial of rights o If states ratified ERA we must use strict scrutiny o People may establish precedent for us o Not enough states passed ERA o Rehnquist rational basis o Does not deserve benefits Craig v. Boren Brennan – intermediate scrutiny Burger – no standing
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Unformatted text preview: • Rehnquist – rational basis • Do appellants have standing to bring the case? o Craig turned 21 by the time case reached courts • Correlation between accidents and age/drinking is very weak evidence • A law that classifies by gender must substantially further government objective 14 TH AMENDMENT REVIEW Test Ends Means Strict Scrutiny (suspect classification OR infringement on fundamental liberties) Compelling Narrowly tailored Intermediate scrutiny (gender) Important Substantially related Rational Basis (everything else) Legitimate Rationally related ESSAY QUESTIONS • Did the Baldus study control for whether victim was a cop •...
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DOC2 Final Review - • Rehnquist – rational basis • Do...

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