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DOC 2 – 1/25/08 Sandel 1) Liberal vs. Republican Liberty of the moderns vs. Liberty of the ancient-Aristotle Liberal is the school of political thought that is oriented towards individual rights Rawls is a liberal Central to republican theory is the idea of sharing and self-rule… (pg 120) Social contract theory is the liberal liberty of the moderns i. Everyone comes to together to secure their individual rights Liberty of the ancients i. Political liberties and values of public life ii. Right to participate, right to run for office, right to free speech
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Unformatted text preview: (civic participation) Rawls i. We are defined the things that we want and need 2) Choosing self vs. Encumbered self We enter into the world with identity Sandel assumes that republicanism will answer these questions 3) Need for morality 4) Contemporary political discourse Huckabee/Romney/Edwards Huckabee i. Good life = married life, monogamous forever Romney i. Freedom requires religion 5) Problems of competing public philosophies...
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