Exam 2 study guide

Exam 2 study guide - Study Guide: Exam 2 Duncan POLS 131...

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Unformatted text preview: Study Guide: Exam 2 Duncan POLS 131 Spring 2008 The exam will consist of 44 multiple-choice questions, worth 1.5 points each, followed by an essay worth 34 points. It will cover both lectures and reading materials. For the multiple-choice, BRING A PENCIL and study the following: All important terms found in Kelleher and Klein, such as development, dual economy, primary commodities, etc. Chapter 4 and 5 o Development Economic process which enables an increasing number of people to produce enough wealth to support an acceptable quality of life o Gross national income GNI Total value of all goods and services a countries economy has produced in a given year, including international transactions o Economic growth strategy Planning and administering projects in the developing world o Basic needs strategy Enables local people to produce more and better food and to provide primary medical care and literacy o Dual economy Small group of rich live a consumer lifestyle, rest of population lives in poverty o Productivity Output of goods and services in relation to hours worked o Physical capital Infrastructure, i.e. factories, farms, railways o Financial capital Banks, trade, money o Human capital Schools, hospitals produce healthy productive people o Cash Crops...
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/09/2008 for the course POLS 131 taught by Professor Duncan during the Spring '08 term at Colorado State.

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Exam 2 study guide - Study Guide: Exam 2 Duncan POLS 131...

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