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Music Education - Alex Dyer Prof Tuel English 101 06...

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Alex Dyer Prof Tuel English 101 06 December 2007 Music Education, A Much Needed Source of Education Throughout history, music has remained consistent in every society as a big part of their practiced culture . Taking that into consideration, does the practice of music seem necessary to continue to strive in our culture? You bet it does . Let’s take into consideration the consistency and diversity of music. Music is in the car you drive, it’s on your favorite Soap opera on your tv, it’s even playing in your local Starbucks, bars, restaurants, etc . One might even suggest that you can find music in nature in the songs of the birds, it’s in the whistling of the wind, and it’s in the crash of thunder in the midst of a storm . Taking this into consideration, we must debate what that means to you and I . If music is everywhere and practiced every what does that tell you about music? It’s important to the development of society and thus it’s important that we understand how and why music exists . Learning and practicing the art of music strengthens your mind and encourages creative thought . This alone should be enough to convince you that music education is necessary for all children so that they may improve their thinking power and, in turn, end up being more successful in life . Through the integration of music education, we can promise a better future for our children and for our society . You may ask, if this is so widely known why hasn’t anyone integrated music education into the curriculum already? This could be a number of factors, Elementary school teachers complaining about their students being removed from class for pull out programs could be one of them, but other countries haven’t let it stop them from integrating music education . “In a study of the ability of fourteen year-old science students in seventeen countries, the top three countries were Hungary, the Netherlands, and Japan . All three include music throughout the curriculum from kindergarten through high school (Dickinson 1)
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Music Education - Alex Dyer Prof Tuel English 101 06...

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