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Dyer 1 Alex Dyer Mrs. Coley English 12 11 March 2007 Analyzing the Imagery in Macbeth The play Macbeth is written by William Shakespeare and is one of the greatest play writes of all time. Through out this play we see the re-occurring images of Darkness, Blood, Nature, and the Supernatural. Throughout this essay we will explore how these images bring about a sense of foreboding, horror, and deception. The image of darkness is used as an element of fear and deceit through out the play and is used to cover many of the actions of the characters of Macbeth . The image of blood shows the deception and death throughout the play. Nature is used to depict how things have gone outside of the norm. The supernatural is the driving force behind the plot, without the supernatural, Macbeth would have never betrayed his king, gone insane, and been killed. Through out the play the image of darkness influences all aspects of the character’s lies whether a blanket to cover there misdeeds or a suffocating force choking them in their guilt. In scene 5 of Act 1 Lady Macbeth asks the darkness to cover her misdeeds so they are like the dunnest smokes of hell and that no one can peek through. This quote displays a feeling of foreboding through the form of Lady Macbeth asking the darkness to cover her actions and thoughts so that no one knows them. In scene 4 of Act 2, Ross talks about the weird occurrences of the past couple days and uses darkness to describe a few of the occurrences. This particular quote reveals a sense of horror and foreboding through the image of having the dark night strangling a lamp a.k.a. light. In
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Dyer 2 scene 2 of Act 3 has Macbeth talking to his wife about how there are still many threats to
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macbeth - Dyer 1 Alex Dyer Mrs. Coley English 12 11 March...

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