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251_test2 - ME 25-TemLL(D:51:13.H5 BhA/eswfn Carbund'mida...

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Unformatted text preview: ME 25'! -TemLL (D :51: :13: .H5 BhA/eswfn Carbund'mida gas is mmpremd at steady 5m: [mm r-U' : ' I50 (’{h‘fl'flfi' a pmuw of 2H thfin.‘ and a tmmrature of 32°F t4: :1 [1:2an oi 50 Ibffin.” and u Immature of SW11. The 3:35 l-lltflfl IIH. mmpmmr through a him-diam!“ duct mm a velocity 1:1" 30 m5 and ham wilh a macaw of an at - n I' + "I'Efl m; The magnitude of flue heat :ransier rah: I'mm tlu: - camp-mm: to Ms sumading: 1'5 213% at Ike 1 e ELf pnww input. Using Ill: idul g3: mudci nndflgfi'wfl I. = 555 1 gill/'5 lmcntiatemrgy Emma. dctcl‘mim tlm mmpremrpnmr inpuginhumpuwcr. ‘31-“. : fig £L£. 9b (a Na mmm umium wpfgfled : vitae? than” mire uflxdu fray/d1“ FIE tuna-own nJr Ear-L whit. . A: :tcadymtc. water-mic“ the waste: hem [mgr- slaam smut-Jr man in Pig. H.83- 3; d2 Lbffini EMF, and «LL: a! 4D Lbfliufi. BEEF. 11:: mam is then m: inlfl- I turbine from which 'u call: at 1 ll:-[.I'in1u.2 and a quality a! man. All' tram nu ma must antm :hcmam gamma-r at WIT. I 411111. with a unlumlric flaw ml: a! 30m 11’: mimmdcxibzal NF. 1 atm. lgmmall sunny hmtrarufer with tbfl surroundings and all kiwi: and potential 4m- 2133.- diam - Dflflm'nim: thc pan-M dewilupcd by the :urbina. in hnranpnm. “Tim Omow-Eal: Gem- Qua—imam tau-HG ...
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