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ENGL_110_honors___child_please - There will come a day when...

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Amina Mogaji ENGL 110, Honors, 11:00 MWF August 28 th , 2007 Lillie E. Bailey, Ph. D. Child Please Just because you look grown on the outside does not mean you are grown on the inside. Don’t assume that every boy that talks to you likes you – some boys are just there to get inside your pants. Don’t dress like you’re begging for attention, and mind yourself when you are wearing a dress – we don’t wanna see you doing the spread eagle. Stay classy and not trashy; you best keep that dress or skirt no shorter than your fingertips. Everything you wear should be neatly pressed; wrinkles belong on the face of someone that has lived their life, not on your clothes. There is nothing classier than a woman that walks with poise and grace, so don’t slouch your back, keep your shoulders up and walk with your head held high. Watch what you eat because no matter how astonishing it may taste, some foods go right through your lips and straight to your hips. Your diet should consist of fruits and vegetables eaten daily and exercise as often as you can.
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Unformatted text preview: There will come a day when you will start to acquire body odors, so please for the grace of goodness, invest in some deodorant. Wash your face and behind your ears every morning and night. Remember that your room is a sanctuary not a pigsty so keep it clean. There will come a day when you will have a family of your own so it is imperative that you take pointers from your mama. You will hear people say practice safe sex, you know what - don’t practice sex until you are married. Teen pregnancy is not a fad nor should it be a trend so steer clear from it. Friends may come and friends may go, so never cry because a relationship is over, but rather reminisce on the good times you shared. Patience is a virtue and with time you will realize that more. Lastly and most importantly, live your life to the fullest, never let boys get in the way of your friendships and always put your trust in Him....
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