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immigration reform _opinion ppr_ENGL 110 - Opinion...

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Opinion V00269885 1 Immigration Reform: Accommodations for Illegal Immigrants In September of 2005, immigration jumped into the limelight as one of the public’s hot topics. It is not immigration in general that constantly gets Congress into heated debates; it is the immigration of undocumented, or illegal, persons which has everyone in frenzy. The “politically correct” definition of an illegal immigrant is someone who resides in a country other than their own without proper paperwork, such as a green card or traveling visa. The current conflict over illegal immigration is nothing new; every president since George H.W. Bush has tried to minimize it. Now there are two main questions regarding immigration that the public wants cleared up; one, should illegal immigrants who have been in the United States for an extended period of time have the opportunity to apply for citizenship? Two, how much money should the state and federal government spend to not only protect the border in the southern states but to accommodate illegal immigrants? Although these illegal immigrants are breaking the laws by living in the United States without legal documentation, there should receive some sort of amnesty since they are in fact paying taxes and working jobs like other
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immigration reform _opinion ppr_ENGL 110 - Opinion...

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