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Dan Sendik Art History 103/03 Nov. 18 th , 2007 In Ingres’ notes and thoughts on art, he expresses his opinions about how he thinks art should be seen and made. He talks about his opinion on himself pertaining to painting, describing his manner of going about his work. Ingres’ believes that all artistic inventions are preceded by earlier ones. Even the masters studied works of artists before them, combining their techniques with their own. It is also stated that drawing is a necessity for painting and that it takes up three quarters of the work. Ingres proposes the idea that the root of art, whether painting or writing, is beauty. For sculpture to be good, it must be lively, have a lot of detail, and be completed using polish methods. Expression must be achieved through drawing, you either succeed in expression or fail, there is no in between. Color is the decoration in paintings, Raphael was said not to use color effectively. It did nothing to contribute to his art, compared to titian, where color defined him as an artist. Ingres believes that fashion and current trends played a big part in art at
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ingres RR - Dan Sendik Read & Respond: Ingres Art...

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