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Hills like white elephants

Hills like white elephants - Dan Sendik"Hills like White...

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Dan Sendik “Hills like White Elephants” Wrt 201 A Pregnancy like an Unwanted Gift The story, “Hills like White Elephants”, written by Ernest Hemingway takes place in the 1920s at a train station in Spain. The title alone has symbolism in it. Hills can be seen as a pregnant woman’s stomach and breasts and a white elephant is a name given to an unwanted gift. Translated this way, the title would be “A pregnancy like an unwanted gift” which reveals a lot about the story. Despite being a short story and having minimal dialogue, there is also an abundance of symbolism in their surroundings and words. The man, referred to as “the American” has a conversation about abortion with his younger female companion, who he calls Jig, which he is trying to convince to undergo the operation. The story focuses on a conversation between the two about an abortion operation. This is evident in phrases like “It’s just to let the air in” (323) and is referred to as an operation. Jig is very uncomfortable with this conversation and focuses her surroundings such as the hills in the distance, comparing them to white elephants. This
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