KINGDOM OF THE SEAHORSE - Chinese ____________. (Kingdom of...

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KINGDOM OF THE SEAHORSE 1. _________ is the best means of protection for seahorses. (Kingdom of the Seahorse) 2. Seahorses can digest thousands of crustaceans daily, even though they lack teeth and a _________.(Kingdom of the Seahorse) 3. Seahorses grow continuously during their lifespan, which may be up to ____ years. (Kingdom of the Seahorse) 4. Fertilization of seahorse eggs takes place within __________.(Kingdom of the Seahorse) 5. In the “womb,” growth of young seahorses is regulated by the _________ prolactin. (Kingdom of the Seahorse) 6. The greatest threat to seahorses is exploitation for use in traditional
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Unformatted text preview: Chinese ____________. (Kingdom of the Seahorse) 7. Seahorse decline is a subject of concern for conservationists and Philippine _________ who depend on seahorses for money. (Kingdom of the Seahorse) 8. To try to sustain seahorses in the Philippines, _____________ seahorses are temporarily put in large cages and are harvested later. (Kingdom of the Seahorse) 9. According to a seahorse researcher, there are two goals of conservation: to protect each individual, or to protect the _________ and allow some individuals to die. Of these, the latter is more sustainable. (Kingdom of the Seahorse)...
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KINGDOM OF THE SEAHORSE - Chinese ____________. (Kingdom of...

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