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COCOS ISLAND, SHARKS OF TREASURE ISLAND 1. T/ F: The purpose of the Cousteau expedition to Cocos was to locate a lost treasure worth nearly $1 million. (Cocos Island) 2. Perhaps the greatest value of Cocos to people, especially to earlier sailors, was its abundance of ___water____.(Cocos Island) 3. As evidenced by its steep terrain, Cocos Island was formed by ___volcanic peeks____.(Cocos Island) 4. The male jack fish temporarily turns ___black___ as it swims close to a female. (Cocos Island) 5. Whitetip Reef Sharks ( Triaenodon obesus ) mainly hunt at ____darkness____ and dusk. (Cocos Island) 6. Hammerhead Sharks may form schools numbering up to __100____.(Cocos Island) 7. Alcyon, the Cousteau’s ship, is named after the daughter of the Greek god of ___Calypso___.(Cocos Island) 8. T/F: There are freshwater fish on Cocos Island. (Cocos Island)
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Unformatted text preview: 9. Sharks are vulnerable to over-fishing because of their low fecundity; the gestation period of the Galapagos Shark is _____a year_________.(Cocos Island) 10. Around Cocos Island, the ____fins______ of sharks are harvested for sale. (Cocos Island) 11. ____pigs_(rainfall)____ may be responsible for increased hillside erosion and the resultant siltation of the coral reefs around Cocos. (Cocos Island) 12. Although the marine life within 3 miles of Cocos is protected, illegal poaching of ___lobsters____ still occurs. (Cocos Island) Cousteau argues that the marine life around Cocos is like living ____treasure___, more valuable than hidden treasure because it is the treasure of life itself. (Cocos Island)...
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