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POLAR BEAR INVASION 1. T/F: Polar Bears are the largest land predators on earth. (Polar Bear Invasion) 2. Polar Bears use their natural curiosity and _________________ to find food. (Polar Bear Invasion) 3. Polar Bear hunting in northern Canada was outlawed in _______.(Polar Bear Invasion) 4. Each year, about _____15,000_____ tourists visit Churchill to see Polar Bears. (Polar Bear Invasion) 5. A set of ____________ are put on tranquilized Polar Bears in order to identify them in the future. (Polar Bear Invasion) 6. Because Polar Bears have been concentrating for ___________ of years where the town of Churchill was built, some say it is a town that was built in the wrong place. (Polar Bear Invasion) 7. Scientists use a _______________________ to view how a Polar Bear loses heat.
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Unformatted text preview: (Polar Bear Invasion) 8. One of the largest Polar Bears recorded in the Churchill area weighed around __________.(Polar Bear Invasion) 9. Wildlife managers cannot tranquilize Polar Bears in coastal areas because of the risk that the bear may ___________.(Polar Bear Invasion) 10. More bears venture into the Churchill area as ___________ approaches. (Polar Bear Invasion) 11. A ____________ is used to transport tranquilized bears over long distances. (Polar Bear Invasion) 12. Polar Bears do most of their hunting and eating when the sea is _________________.(Polar Bear Invasion) 13. The combination of more Polar Bears and more ____________ means that wildlife managers must be increasingly vigilant to prevent a tragic event. (Polar Bear Invasion)...
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