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Backboard Dodge ball consists of 2 teams

Backboard Dodge ball consists of 2 teams - head when they...

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Backboard Dodge ball consists of 2 teams, 2 boundaries and 2 jails for people that are out. The rules are as follows = the 2 teams run out to the middle (1 on diagram) and grab a ball only one person can grab one ball when the game starts. There are 2 bases (2, and 3 on diagram) the opposite team cant go into the other teams base no matter what. If you hit someone with a ball they are out even if they are on your team, unless you hit them in the head , the person that hits them are out. But if the person hits someone in the
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Unformatted text preview: head when they are ducking/squatting they are out. To get a person back in that is on your team you have to hit the opposing backboard to your base’s side. The people that come back in have to come back in the order that they got out. If someone makes a basket the whole team that was out gets in. The people that are out go to the opposite side of their bases sideline. (for ex:- is someone from side 2 gets out they go to box 4.) The game ends by which ever team is completely out loses....
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