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Quiz 1A Key

Quiz 1A Key - HCOO – Answer O H O 2 In which of the...

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Chem 262 Section 005 Quiz 1c Name (please print legibly):________________________________ PID #:_________________________________________________ Pledge: I have neither given nor received aid on this quiz. Signature:_______________________________________________ 1. Draw a valid Lewis structure for the following molecule:
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Unformatted text preview: HCOO – Answer: O H O 2. In which of the following does hydrogen have a partial negative charge based on electronegativity? A. BH 3 B. CH 4 C. NH 3 D. H 2 O Answer: A 3. In the equilibrium below, the strongest base is: (pK a H 2 O = 15.7, pK a NH 3 = 36) Answer: B...
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