quiz8key - 1 Draw the chair conformations of β-D-glucose...

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4 points total (2 for question 1 and 2 for question 2). O HO CH 2 OH HO HO OH O OH HOH 2 C OH OH HO Chem 262 Quiz 8 answer key β -D-glucose β -L-glucose 1 point each. All substituents must be axial, and the D and L forms must be mirror images of each other (the dashed line above represents a mirror plane). O CH 2 OH H OH H H OH H OH OH H α -D-galactose
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Draw the chair conformations of β-D-glucose and β-L-glucose. 2. Draw a Haworth projection of α-D-galactose. 1 point for the correct placement of the OH down at the anomeric carbon, and 1 point for the OH at C4 pointing up (galactose is a C4 epimer of glucose above)....
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