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09.ClassroomMgtII - of 8 Classroom Management II...

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Unformatted text preview: of 8 Classroom Management II Reinforcement of 8 Reinforcement The Foundation of Teaching and Learning The Elements of Reinforcement Attention Feedback Encouragement Two major dimensions: positive and negative of 8 verbal and nonverbal For our purposes the definitions are: Positive encouraging desirable behavior of 8 Negative the absence of undesirable behavior discouraging undesirable behavior of 8 Definitions (cont.) Verbal words Nonverbal body language Elements of Reinforcement Tone Variety of 8 Frequency Strength Timing Setting Predictability of 8 Elements of Reinforcement (cont.) Token Source Permanence Silence Multiple cues Multichannel Feedback in Large Groups Eye contact Testing Review questions Informal contact Sampling Individual conferences Demographic information Individual Feedback Be alert for cues of high performance Access to individual student records Know your students and respond to their individual styles Individual feedback in a group Modifying Instruction Based on Feedback Giving meaning to feedback Comprehensive achievement monitoring Premediation Parallel examples, not repetition Altering the pace Take appropriate interest in your students Be a role model Be a confidant No promises of confidentiality Student relationships are public relationships Assume all advice you give will be repeated Remember adolescence is larger than life ...
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