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05. Mobility - 1 of 10 Mobility as a Barrier to Effective...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 of 10 Mobility as a Barrier to Effective Education 2 of 10 Mobility as a Barrier to Effective Education x 20% of students move each year - U.S. average x 5 or 6 students in each class of 30 will be new each x All socio-economic levels move x Bad education in any state or community will affect the entire nation 4 of 10 Mobility as a barrier (cont.) x Does any community have the right to bad education? x Does society have a right to expect certain levels of knowledge? x Should schools be designed for those who stay or those who move? 6 of 10 Expanding rings of consciousness x Conventional wisdom: family, block, city, state, nation, world x Reality of the 21st century: a random order of mixed elements 7 of 10 Difficulties of monitoring achievement because of mobility x US History every year or not at all 8 of 10 Comprehensive achievement monitoring thwarted by mobility 9 of 10 The "right" curriculum down on the farm x Then: kids move to the cities x Should kids be captive to their communities? 10 of 10 James Conant, Harvard President on mobility x "The only reason US education hasn't failed (given high rate of mobility), it's been so watered down." ...
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