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04. Equity Kidd version

04. Equity Kidd version - What would you do Ashley is a wiz...

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Unformatted text preview: What would you do? Ashley is a wiz at math. She "gets" everything instantly. It usually takes her only five minutes to do her math homework. Nick, on the other hand, struggles with math. He labors over math problems, sometimes for hours. Should Ashley and Nick have the same math homework assignment? Equity vs Equality What is desirable: equality in education or equity in education? What does equity in education look like? How do we know if our schools are equitable? If students' school experiences are equitable? What is stopping us from having equitable schools? Ideas? 1 of 7 Equity as a Barrier to Effective Education Barriers to Effective Education Equity Accountability Mobility Obsolescence 2 of 7 Definitions of Equity in Education How should we measure equity? We discuss 3 types: Equity of time or years Equity of resources Equity of results 3 of 7 Barriers to Equity in Education Lack of resources where need is greatest new teachers hardest assignments fewest resources - financial - human, poorest schools Figure 1. Revenues by source: School year 2002-03 SOURCE: U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics, Common Core of Data (CCD), "National Public Education Financial Survey," 2002-03. Is funding consistent? Per pupil expenditures Douglas, MA: $7,747.83 Lexington, MA: $25,562.81 (Minuteman District ) Massachusetts Department of Education, 2006 How about in Virginia? (per pupil expenditures, Superintendent's Annual Report for Virginia, 2005) Arlington $16,984; Local cont: $13,988 $ Alexandria $15,961; Local cont: $12,693 $ Falls Church $15,368; Local cont: $13,068 $ Bedford $6,671; Local cont: $1,798 $ King George $ 7, 084; Local cont: $2,706 $ Poquoson $7,224; Local cont: $2,747 $ General Accounting Office Report, 2002 At the schools GAO visited, inner city schools generally had higher percentages of first-year teachers, higher enrollments, fewer library resources, and less in-school parental involvement-- characteristics that some research has shown are related to school achievement. 5 of 7 Barriers to Equity in Education (Cont.) Lack of real time remediation premediation to avoid a remedial deficit frequent alternatives to annual accountability and promotion Barriers to Equity in Education (Cont.) the "right" to bad education no external accountability prejudice and selfishness ignorance What can be done? 6 of 7 Elements of equity funding equity staff equity organizational equity remediation homework 7 of 7 Elements of Equity (Cont.) access to school transport parent access curriculum equity facilities equity How can ensure equity in your classroom? ...
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