Geography - Geography The science of geography Geography o...

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Geography The science of geography Geography o The science that studies the relationships among natural systems, geographic areas, society, cultural activities, and the interdependence of all these over space Spatial- the nature and character of physical space, its measurements, and the distribution of things within it Geographers use o Spatial analysis Geographers use a method rather than a body of knowledge called spatial analysis Geographers use o Process Set of actions or cechanisms that operate in some special order Physical geography The spatial analysis of all the physical elements and processes that make up the environment: energy, air, water, weather, climate, landforms, soils, animals, plants, microorganisms, and the earth itself Geographers study the relationship between physical geography, and human and cultural geography Earth systems concepts System o Any ordered, interrelated set of things and their attributes, linked by flows of energy and matter, as distinct from the surrounding environment outside the system Systems may be open or closed o Open system Inputs of energy an matter flow into the system, and outputs of energy and matter flow from the system o Closed system A system that is shut off form the surrounding environment so that it is self- contained o System feedback
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Feedback loops Outputs function as information that is returned to various points in the system via pathways called feedback loops Negative feedback Information that discourages response in the system Such as giving a plant less light Further production in he system decreases the growth of he system Positive feedback Feedback information encourages increased response in the system Further production in the system stimulates growth in the system System equilibrium
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Geography - Geography The science of geography Geography o...

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