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Unformatted text preview: NE-524 Interaction of radiation with Matter Problem Set #4 (Complete by 11/6/2005) 1) Give 1 gram of At-218 (T1/2 = 1.5 seconds), and assuming that all the alphas (E=6.694 MeV) interact with an Aluminum absorber in 0.1 seconds, how much energy is deposited per cm thickness of Al? What is the average range of At-218 alphas in Al? What is the velocity of the At-218 alphas? Using the Bethe formula, calculate the stopping power of 12 MeV He-3 ions in lead (Ipb = 788 eV). 2) Find the range in air, water, and aluminum for 3 MeV deuterons? 3) 4) What is the range of a 9 MeV proton after passing through a 0.025-inch thick piece of graphite? 5) How much energy does an alpha particle need to penetrate the protective epidermal layer of the skin (thickness ~ 7 mg/cm2)? Answers: 1) 7.832E20 MeV, 3.5E-3 cm, 1.8E7 m/s 2) Air, Water, Al: 9.64, 1.31E-2, 6.16E-4 cm 3) 1551 MeV/cm 4) Does not make it through. 5) 8 MeV ...
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