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Rocket Terminology Total Impulse:The integral of thrust over time = b t 0 T Fdt I where b t is the burn time. Constant thrust b T Ft I = Specific Impulse: Total impulse divided by the weight of propellant burned = b b t 0 0 t 0 s dt m g Fdt I Constant thrust and mass flow rate = = = w F m g F t m g Ft I 0 b 0 b s where w is the weight rate of flow of propellant. = m g w 0 Effective Exhaust Velocity: Thrust divided my the mass rate of flow of the propellant = m F c Mass ratio: 0 f initial final m m m m MR = = Propellant mass fraction: 0 f 0 0 p initial propellant m m m m m m m ς - = = = f p 0 m m m + = Ideal Rocket: 1. Working fluid is homogeneous 2. Working fluid is gaseous 3. Working fluid obeys the perfect gas law
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Flow is steady 5. Flow is isentropic (reversible and adiabatic) a. Processes are adiabatic (no heat transfer) b. No viscous effects (no boundary layer) c. No shocks or discontinuities in the flow field 6. Flow is quasi-one dimensional (flow is axially directed and properties are constant across each axial location) 7. No chemical reactions in the flow field 8. Temperatures of cryogenic propellants are the cryogen boiling point. Temperature of other propellants are room temperature....
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