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Steady Quasi-One Dimensional Flow Consider the control volume shown below. We will consider steady quasi-one-dimensional flow through the volume. Material enters the control volume at the inlet of area 1 A with velocity 1 v at pressure 1 p , mass density 1 ρ and temperature 1 T . It exits the control volume through an area 2 A with velocity 2 v at pressure 2 p , mass density 2 ρ and temperature 2 T . Steady flow: ( 29 0 t = Quasi-one dimensional flow: Flow parameters vary slowly in x-direction and do not vary in the y- or z-directions. ( 29 0 t = ; ( 29 0 y = ; ( 29 0 z = ; x x x e ˆ v e ˆ u u = = The configuration is shown in the figure below. Continuity equation : Integral form of the continuity equation with no sources or sinks: - = A V dA n ˆ u ρ dV ρ t For steady flow 0 dA n ˆ u ρ A = - for all the areas. For quasi-one-dimensional flow with x e ˆ v u = , i ˆ n ˆ i - = and i ˆ
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05quasi1d_thrust_eqn_cv07 - Steady Quasi-One Dimensional...

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