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History 80: East Asian Civilization Spring Quarter 2008 T-TH 9:30-10:45, Buchanan Hall, 1910 Sections as assigned. Instructor: Anthony Barbieri-Low HSSB 4225 805-893-4065 (no msg.) [email protected]ucsb.edu Office Hours: Tues. 12:30-2:30 TA’s: Christopher B. Dewell; [email protected] Yan Liang; [email protected] Joshua T. Hoffman; [email protected] Course Description: This course surveys the long history of East Asian Civilization, from the beginnings of agriculture in the Neolithic Period to the upheavals of the modern era. The main geographic focus is on China and Japan, with occasional reference to developments in Korea and Vietnam. Themes followed throughout the course include state formation, social and cultural history, material and visual culture, and the relationship between law and society. This is a great deal of material to cover in one quarter, but hopefully you will finish this course with a greater appreciation of both the unique and shared features of these East Asian cultures, and a general knowledge of their historical trajectories. Required Textbooks: (available at UCSB bookstore or online stores, and on reserve) Patricia Buckley Ebrey, Anne Walthall, James B. Palais. East Asia: A Cultural, Social, and Political History. New York: Houghton Mifflin Company, 2006. Patricia Buckley Ebrey, ed. Chinese Civilization: A Sourcebook. 2 nd edition. New York: The Free Press, 1993. Readings with the label (PDF) will be available on the course website, linked from the UCSB History department website. Come to section prepared to discuss the readings in the textbook, the primary sources in the sourcebook, as well as the lectures or movies of the preceding week. Attendance in section is mandatory and a major portion of your section grade. Course Requirements: Two four-page essays (40%, 20% each) Sectional grade (attendance/participation & other requirements determined by TA) 30% In-class final exam (30%) Note : You must earn a passing grade in section to pass the course. In other
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