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History 80: East Asian Civilization Spring 2008 Essay no. 1: DUE IN LECTURE: TUESDAY, APRIL 22, 2008 Your first essay will be an exercise in creative historical fiction, drawing from the lecture on the Warring States’ philosophers and from the passages from Confucian, Daoist, and Legalist authors found in the course reader. You are to create a four-page essay, narrating the following scenario. Scenario: The Chinese empire has been beset by a string of calamities. Prolonged droughts have caused widespread crop failures, and famine is spreading. There has been unrest in the cities and farmers have been fleeing their land to escape tax collectors. Bandits have arisen on the roads and barbarian tribes are raiding the borders. The emperor has invited three of his scholarly advisors to a state banquet, one Confucian, one Daoist, and one Legalist, to advise him on the causes of the disasters and unrest and to propose solutions. He has informed them that the one who argues his case successfully will retain his job,
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Unformatted text preview: while the others will be exiled to the furthest reaches of the empire. You shall provide a narration of this state banquet, relating the arguments of each of the advisors. (You may give them whatever name you wish). Each advisor must base his argument on the core beliefs of Confucianism, Daoism, or Legalism. ----------- The essay is to be four-pages double-spaced. Please keep your use of direct quotes to an absolute minimum. At the most, you may use three direct quotes from the course reader, but only if your speakers expand on these quotes in a more lengthy exposition. All direct quotes and paraphrases from the reader must be cited in footnotes, indicating source and page numbers. Please contact your TA if you need clarification of the topic, or if you need help structuring your paper. …and have fun. REMEMBER: LATE PAPERS WILL BE DEDUCTED ONE LETTER GRADE PER CALENDAR DAY LATE...
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