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212624 - GENETICS(B10 325 FALL 2003 III Quiz(1V1 W F 8:00...

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Unformatted text preview: GENETICS (B10 325) FALL 2003 III Quiz 10/8/03 (1V1, W, F - 8:00 - 9:00 ANI) Total points: 16 l. A gar mutant of E. coli _ (2 points) A) Cannot grow without galactose B) Is resistant to galactose C) Can utilize galactose as a carbon source Cannot utilize galactose as a carbon source E) Can make its own galactose 2. A SH mutant ofE. coli (2 points) A Requires streptomycin 3 Can grow in the presence of streptomycin C) Cannot grow in the presence of streptomycin D) Makes its own streptomycin E) Cannot make its own streptomycin If a merthr" Wham of E. coli is mated with an?" strain of E. coli of genotype leu‘ 1hr, prototrophic recombinants can be detected by plating the mixture on (2 points) A) Leucine and methionine B) Threonine and thiamine C) Leucine and thiamine D) Methionine, threonine, Ieucine, and thiamine ® Minimal medium . 4. WWW (2 points) @- $1»er D) Capable of producing a prophage ') Temperate E) Capable of zygotic induction C) Capable of lysogeny In a generalized transduction experiment, the T1 phage particles growing on E. coli with the genotype val"’ala+tarp+ are collected and allowed to infect E. coli cells with the genotype val" ala‘ trp'. The cotransduction frequencies are calculated for the different gene combinations: ala — trp = 0.2 aIa — val = 0.8 30 'V&l “”- JFYP val — Irp = 0.6 We 1-174 my Which of the following is consistent with 3' data? 2!), The gene order is ala-val-trp; val is closer to trp than it is to ale. The gene order is val-aln-rrp; min is closer to up than it is to val. a The gene order is ale—val—trp; val is closer to air: than it is to trp. The gene order is ale-rrp-val; trp is closer to ale than it is to val. (4 points) 6. From one 15?" strain the following three Hfr strains were derived; each shown with the first three markers transferred during an 'hlzfiiex E‘ Incest; HT: 1 ...'D'A‘F Hfi‘Z...EBF ADC’ E 3 FA Hfr 3 . . .E C D The order of the genes on the bacterial chromosomal circle must be which of the following? (A is shown at both ends to represent circularity. Assume that the Hfr picks up all intermediates between any two represented genes.) @ ADCEBFA WAEFBCDA : ABCDFEA WAFBDECA Q’ACDFEBA (4points) Answers: 1(D); 2 (B); 3 (E); 4 (A); 5 (C); 6 (A) —- r": x .-*‘--1‘-\ ...
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