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Unformatted text preview: Anatomy Of Respiration Respiration Respiration Inspiration Inhalation Breathing in Brings oxygen to the body's cells Expiration Exhalation Breathing out Eliminates waste products 1 Boyle's Law Pressure =force distributed over area P=F/A An increase in volume leads to a decrease in pressure Negative pressure is created Air enters to equalize pressure Boyle's Law 2 Boyle's Law Decrease in volume leads to increase in pressure Positive pressure Air flows out until pressure is equalized Structures of Respiration Bony thorax Visceral thorax Muscles 3 The Thorax First rib Clavicle Sternum Vertebral column The Vertebral Column 33 Vertebrae Vertebra Vertebrae joined together by ligaments and cartilage 4 The Vertebral Column Five Divisions Cervical (C1-C7) (C1Thoracic (T1-T12) (T1Lumbar (L1-L5) (L1Sacral (S1-S5) (S1Coccygeal (coccyx) Cervical Vertebrae Spinous process Transverse processes Corpus Vertebral foramen Intervertebral foramina Superior & inferior articular facets 5 A...
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