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urban anthro study guide 2

urban anthro study guide 2 - Urban Anthro STUDY GUIDE 2...

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Urban Anthro. STUDY GUIDE 2 Urbanism-- UL (61-63) Definitions of City How does a person define the concept of a city? Where exactly is the line drawn between city, suburb, and rural areas? Personal reference is a subjective way to define a city. Where a person has lived and their general life experience helps them make personal distictions between town and city, rural and urban areas. Geographic location can also be taken account when defining a city. Although non-western cities have size similar to western one, they lack quality of life factors aften included in the definition of cities- public transportation, services, etc… There are many ways to define a city, often specific to particular countries. Urbanism As a Way of Life--Louis Wirth UL (65-82) The City and Contemporary Civilization Cities have recently changed into the modern marvels they are. There is a difference between the industrialized western cities such as New York and the ancient Mesopotamian and present day third-world cities. The degree to which the contemporary world is said to be modern is based not so much on the percentage of population that lives in an urban setting but on the influence cities have on everyday life of those who do not live in cities. Cities are now the initiating and controlling center of economic, political, and cultural life. The shift from a mostly rural to mostly urban society happened during the industrial revolution, which is now spreading to even the poorest and most isolated areas of the world. Cities are product of growth not instantaneous creations. Because of this, earlier tendencies of the farm or manor are still existent. Sociological Definition of the City A sociologically significant definition of the city seeks to select those elements of urbanism which mark it as a distinctive mode of human group life. Community cannot be classified as urban based on size alone. Census definitions are unduly influenced by the fact that the city, statistically speaking, is always an administrative concept in that the corporate limits play a decisive role in delineating the urban area- suburbs, although they have a large population, are not cities, they merely surround cities and commodities, etc… associated with cities are garnered to the suburbs. The importance of the city as a financial and cultural hub- welfare associations, transportation and communication lines, are why cities affect even those who do not live there, especially in the modern age where globalization and communication is such an issue. Cities have intrumentatlies- ruralites need to come cities because of economic or cultural necessity. Density of population also a factor of the definition, although it is proven that
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Urban Anthro.
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urban anthro study guide 2 - Urban Anthro STUDY GUIDE 2...

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